Copy Automation CC's to MIDI region?

Ever since CP 9.5, the “Last Value Continues” setting has been broken causing automation lanes to override the “last value” at the end of MIDI parts even if the last value in the automation lane happens long before the MIDI part.
I’ve submitted bug-fix requests for every version since, but it has become obvious that since it’s still not fixed in CP11, that it’s likely not going to be at this point.

Soooo. I have hundreds of MIDI tracks in my template with automation data points for 7-15 MIDI CCs in each track at the start of the track. The purpose was to reset my VEPro hosted instruments on my slave computers for each project. For each track I need to get all those MIDI CC data points into a MIDI region and then delete the automation lanes.

I know that by using the MIDI-Functions-Extract MIDI Automation I can move the CC info from a MIDI region to the automation lanes.

IS THERE A WAY TO GO THE OTHER DIRECTION and move/copy MIDI CC data in an automation lane to a MIDI region? (even if I need to use the Logical Editor)

Thanks in advance!!!


Unfortunately this is not possible.

Ok, I worried that that was the case.
Thanks for the reply. Can’t believe the “last value continues” bug is still not fixed after 3 years.

Hi Pondwalden,

Very smart system! I have a huge temple on VEP7 set up the same way, in this regard, with a midi region at the beginning of the project with many automation points (round robin reset, and and many other CCs) exactly for the same reason, and so that playback is “always the same” wherever possibile.

A question for you: I was wondering if you converted midi value into automation lanes just as a workaround to the “Last Value Continues” bug or for any other reason? Just looking for ideas to improve my workflow whenever possibile. :slight_smile:
Doesn’t “chase midi data” work for you? I’m sure I’m missing something regarding that bug you mentioned.