Copy Automation to Send?

Is there a simpler way to copy the track fader volume/pan to the send volume?
There is a shortcut for that on Pro Tools HD ~> cmd + opt + H

** If there is not, I could move this thread to Feature Requests and Suggestions :slight_smile: **

The options are
Copy to Send:

  • Current Value
  • Automation

  • Volume
  • Pan
  • Mute
  • LFE

  • Send A…[etc]
    … of all selected tracks_

That’s really useful for setting up different cue sends, for example.



There is no dedicated function like this. But you can rigt-click to the track, Select All Events, and then Paste at Origin to the new track.

Right :slight_smile:
But I don’t think it’s the same thing.
Let’s suppose I have 8 Stereo Outs and I want to create 3 different mixes for different musicians.
So I have ST 1-2 for myself, ST 3-4 to musician 1, ST 5-6 to musician 2 and ST 7-8 to musician 3.

Cubase default’s behavior is to send all the channels to Stereo Out (1-2), which is perfectly fine. What I need to do is send those same channels to ST 3-4. ST 5-6 and ST 7-8 too. So if I have a rough mix on those faders, the easiest way to do that would be sending all those channels via an Aux Track (called Group Track on Cubase), so it goes through my Stereo Out and simultaneously to a Group Track that I can send to a different output (for example, ST 3-4).
And all this sending them as pre-fader, because if I want the guitar a little bit louder I’m not going to mess with anyone’s mixes.

I would really like to move that thread to suggestions if there isn’t a simpler way to do that :stuck_out_tongue:


To send different mixes to different musicians use Cues busses from the VST Connections > Studio (enable Control Room), please.

I already do :slight_smile:
I was looking if there was an easy way to set up multiple Cues and found this:

Pretty useful!