Copy Channel Routing, Copy Channel Plugins, Copy Single Plugin

Okay, we have an option for Copy/Paste Channel Settings, right? It’s super useful. But it copies EVERYTHING. It copies the plugins, the channel strip, the EQ, and the routing. What if you want to just copy the channel routing?

So, next to the “Copy Channel Settings” button, we should have a “Copy Channel Routing” button. And maybe also one for “Copy Channel Plugins”, “Copy Channel EQ” etc… so that each sub division of the channel settings can be copied and pasted individually. Also, being able to copy an individual plugin over would be super useful too.

as I know it already exists: alt+drag/drop, or strg+c at he selected insert slot, thenstrg+v to an empty slot and it will paste it there (at least in the mixconsole).

for channel routing i just duplicate the track… thats not a real workaround but at least its faster than dialing in by hand… usually tracks which go to the same group have the same color in my projects, so by duplicating you already did that too. The only thing I hate about that, is that there is no real “duplicate without data” command (does not work for folder tracks), so you have always to delete the duplicated events by hand afterwards.

Oh yeah! I do actually remember seeing that shortcut mentioned a while ago in a new features video. I rarely actually use the mix console window so I guess that’s why I forgot about it. Definitely something I need to remember! Would be great if there was a way to do this outisde the mix console too, though.

And yeah, that’s not really a work around. You could also copy over all the channel settings and get rid of everything else… but the issue is what if you wanted all the ‘other stuff’ that the other track already had? lol I guess knowing that there actually is a way to copy over individual plugins, it’s more doable. Well, thanks for that!

Thats where the “vertical Mixconsole” in the project view could come into play :wink:
no switching between windows anymore for things like these.
This is actually the only situation I open the mixconsole… and maybe if I need to check for plugin latency /lol

I have done a macro for duplicating without data: first duplicates the track, after select all the events on the track, after remove them, after rename it
Maybe it can help you

Thanks Jordikt, but that does not work for folder tracks… does it?
If you have 10 tracks in a folder full with events, and you duplicate the folder with the macro the events will be copied as well unfortunately…

It works with tracks and with folders also.

The complete Macro I use has the following commands:
1- Project - Duplicate Tracks
2- Automation - Remove Automation from selected tracks
3- Track Versions - Remove inactive versions from selected tracks
4- Edition - Select all events in the selected tracks
5- Edition - Remove
6- Rename first selected track

I use Cubase in spanish, so probably the translation is not exactly the same than the english version.

The command number 6 is for renaming the new duplicated folder (if duplicating folder) or renaming track (if duplicating tracks).

Did you try it with folders?
I have the exact same macro, but when I duplicate a folder, and the folder has audio/midi tracks with events inside, everything gets duplicated and the events too. Just tried it again.
If you are using this macro on audio/midi tracks events will get deleted, since “Edition - Select all events in the selected tracks” does that.
But a folder itself does not have events so “Edition - Select all events in the selected tracks” does nothing on folders, unfortunately.

There should be a command like “Edition - Select all tracks inside the selected folder” then it would work:

1- Project - Duplicate Tracks
2 -Edition - Select all tracks inside the selected folder
3- Automation - Remove Automation from selected tracks
4- Track Versions - Remove inactive versions from selected tracks
5- Edition - Select all events in the selected tracks
6- Edition - Remove

PS: I would suggest to put a “Unselect events” command (you can do this with the project logical editor) as first command of the macro, otherwise all events you selected before hitting that macro will get deleted too. As “Edition - Select all events in the selected tracks” does not unselect them in this specific case, dont know why.

As I said before, I have this macro and I can use it with folders that have audio/midi tracks inside with events, and the folders are duplicated with the tracks inside with all events deleted.

The configuration of Preferences are decissory for allow this Macro to work properly.

Preferences>Visualization of Events (or something similar)>Folders>the first checkbox “Show details of events” (or something similar) must be checked.

Preferences>Visualization of Events (or something similar)>Folders>the dropdown menu must be “Always show data” (or something similar).

If Preferences are configured like this, and you select a folder and execute the command “Selected all the events inside the selected tracks”, all the events of the tracks included in the folders are selected. After that you can remove it, copy it, what you want.

There is an alternative Macro configuration that should work for everybody, without changing Preferences, using visibility commands.

Once the folder you want to duplicate is selected, run the following Macro configuration:

1- Visibility - Show only the selected tracks (it will hide all tracks and folders except the selected folder and the tracks inside the selected folder)
2- Project - Duplicate Tracks (duplicate the folders with all tracks and all events)
3- Visibility - Show only the selected tracks (as the focus has changed to the new folder duplicated, this command will hide the original folder with data, so the project will only show the folder duplicated with all tracks and with all events)
4- Open the folder (if the folder is closed, this command open the folder, and if the folder is already opened, the command doesn’t do nothing)
5- Select all TRACKS in project (all tracks, not all events)
6- Automation - Remove Automation from selected tracks
7- Track Versions - Remove inactive versions from selected tracks
8- Edition - Select all events in the selected tracks
9- Edition - Remove
10- Undo Visibility (original folder appears)
11- Undo visibility (all tracks before step 1 appears again)

Yeah okay, now that makes sense.

You could also add the command “Show details of events” before and after the macro and it should work too. First it gets enabled, then disabled again, gonna try out which one is the fastest macro.

Thanks for the explanation and good idea!

Yeah, that would be sick :smiley: