Copy clip automation?

I have a final mix that I then master in Wavelab… then I REDO my final mix in Cubase… then bring that new mix back into Wavelab.

…in a montage.

Can i copy everything I did to the CLIP from the previous final mix to the new final mix, including the volume automation and VST automation?

I know I can save the effect chain and open it for the new clip, but the automation does not copy over.

The thing I can do, as a workaround, is rename the new mix to the old mix’s name and then open Wavelab. But that seems clunky.

You can simply redo your final mix with a new name; then, you exchange the file hosted by the clip with this new one.

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Yes. Just replace the clip using a new file. No need to redo any WaveLab work.

But yes, you can copy and paste clip automation and plugin chains from one to another if you must.

“Replace Audio File” is the best way IMO.

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Thanks guys. That helped a ton. I was able to replace the file, and rename the clip to the new file name.

I also love that you can remove the file from the clip altogether and just have an empty clip that still retain the plugin chain and automation. Very cool.

I looked for how to copy clip automation itself, but couldn’t find it. I presume this is probably simple enough to do for volume automation… but I’m curious if it also works for VST plugins. I presume so. For instance, I automated Squasher to give me more and less upward compression. I’d like to be able to copy that.