Copy Complete Mixer Settings -> Song2 - same track listing

I’ve been editing a live set of (minimum) 24 tracks for a 2 hr show.
I had to divide the show up into 3rds to avoid long saving times (including long auto sav times).
That part is now fine.

However, now I’m mixing and have found many tweaks since the ‘editing phase’ (moving things around, tuning, normalizing weak audio moments, etc.).

And I have decided to use many plugins on many tracks including the built in strip features.

Now I’d like to copy all and then boot the 2nd project which has the next group of songs
and paste all those complete settings including the fader levels, pans, pre-gain, etc. with all the settings in the plugins used including 3rd party settings.

Is there on global command in the mixer that will do this?
Or a way to do this without having to go channel by channel back and forth.
I already made sure the track list order and names are identical in names and number between all 3 project files.

thanks, (I remember I used to be able to do this in Cubase 4 or 5, so was wondering where this command is now)…

el profe

I did watch Greg’s videos on the mixer but he doesn’t mention this.
I also attended one of his seminars recently but this wasn’t a question I had at the time and don’t recall him mentioning this, only channel to channel copy. Not entire mixer from one project to a similar project with same track listing.

el profe

One of the few reasons that I’m still with Steinberg is because this is possible. Select all of the mixer channels, open up Mixconsole, find the little triangle/aarow at the top right and just select “save selected channels.” There ya have it!

I looked and couldn’t find this “Save Selected Channels” but instead used: "Copy First Selected Channel’s Settings’ or Command+C.

Once I did that and came back to the functions menu I now see at the bottom the choice of "Save Selected Channels and Load Selected Channels’.
Maybe this is a 32 bit version problems???
(I have some older plugins that won’t run in the 64 bit version boot.)
I wish they tightened this stuff up so you didn’t have to perform voodoo to get things to appear. lol

(btw, The Functions Menu in the Mixer is not listed as a paragraph or section for one to read & learn more about this item in the manual or as a searchable item: Functions menu), oh well. Someone really needs to tweak the manual, there’s always something I can’t find that might actually be there. My head is sore now from knocking it against the wall with this simple task that wasn’t obvious.

el profe

Apparently when you have a mixer with:

Audio Channels (ok)
Group Channels (ok)
Third Party VSTi (like Spectrosonics) - not ok
FX (?)

and you have everything selected either in your mixer window or you’re arrange/project window
you are not given the choice to ‘Save Selected Channels and Load Selected Channels’.

You have to deselect some of them (for sure the 3rd party VSTi tracks/channels)…

I wish they would just copy all and if the past is to an identical mixer just paste everything in (all settings, including any plug in settings, etc.) or at least have a preference page in the preference for choosing what to and what not to copy and paste. So you have some control.

el profe

Maybe a bit late for this particular project you’re working on, but what about setting up templates?
You could have a mixer with VST’s, Audio, output etc. Another mixer with only group tracks displayed.
Any insert/send effects or settings that you like in the channels, then save as a template. These would then be ready for parts 2 & 3 of your project.
Just a thought

Cubase 8 PRo > Mix Console > Channel Selector > Select channels You want / All > right click / Save track preset … then go to next project and Load track preset. Thats all about copy mix console :slight_smile: