Copy complex plug-in automation data between tracks?

It’s a bit embarrassing, but I’m at a loss at the moment. :blush:

Working with ProTools about 50% of my time I got so used to simply drag’n’drop plug-ins including all their automation moves between tracks that I obviously forgot how to achieve the same functionality in Nuendo.

I mean - I know that we can move over a plug-in per se, but then we have to open the automation lanes on the source track, manually select and open the respective automation lanes for all copied plug-ins in the destination track, the use Range Selection on the source, copy the data, make sure to select the proper lanes on the destination track, and then paste in the data. 8-/

… to achieve this, there has to be an easier way which I’m not aware of. The described procedure is already cumbersome enough for one plug-in, but it’s absolutely no option when I want to migrate several dozens of tracks with hundreds of automated parameters. (In case you’re wondering: I’m rebuilding a stereo mix in a 3D setup.)

Please help! TIA.

PS: Oh - and I’m talking about Group and FX tracks, mainly, so there’s no “Automation Follows Events” either.

PPS: “Merging In Project Data” is no option, because it also imports the channel count and re-sets a pre-configured, empty 3D Group to stereo, therefore. :-/

Uhm … if there’s really no meaningful way to achieve that goal please consider this a feature request. :-/

‘Paste at Origin’?

Interesting suggestion, thanks. But what would you “paste at origin” without creating new automation lanes manually?