Copy controller lane to automation lane


Is it possible to copy a midicontoller lane to an automation lane? I record a knob of a synth and the recording on the midi controller lane is ok but I want to see it in the automation lane to make some adjustment. Is this possible or do I have to draw it by hand?

Thanks in advance.

After you record your controller automation, open the automation lane (bottom left side of the track, under the midi/instrument/audio icon). Then choose your CC from the list (on the right of the W). You can perform some adjustments here, but this is additional automation on top of what is recorded.

However, I would recommend not using the controller lane automation and instead just automate the parameter itself. Simplest way is assigning the hardware knobs to Quick Controls and assign the parameters to them.

MIDI > Functions > Extract MIDI automation

Good to know, thanks!
Is it possible to extract pitchbend data in the same way? I tried and it didn’t create an automation lane for it.

Thank you! Extraction works fine.