Copy controller

Can’t use copy and paste in midi event list, cubase 13.

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What do you Copy and Paste? How do you Copy and Paste?

Could you provide more details, please?

If I push contrl +C and contrl V
For copy CC 7 in event list.
It will not work like it do in cubase 12


Do you select multiple events or only one, please?

Do you mean the List Editor?

Only one.more is ok.

Yes i men midi list editor.
I use it when i need one CC.


This is a known and already reported issue. Thank you.

Sorry for my inglish.
I dont know how to create CC in list editor, so i copyright one CC and change it.


In the Insert Event Type drop-down select the MIDI Message Type you want to insert (Controller in your case). Then with the Draw tool click to the right (timeline) area of the window.

Fantastisk, Thank you wery much.
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