Copy "definition" from one event to another

Hi folks,

perhaps you can help me…

I have a multitrack live recording that was done without a click, and I´d like to do a remix…

There was a piano track that worked very well to create a “definition” - I placed all the bar and some beat markers to the appropriate position, so now I can switch on musical mode on the clip and it plays in sync with the click.

But how do I copy this clip grid definition to all the other tracks? I want them all to be in sync with each other. I did not find a function that does this… Is there any workaround?

Tempo detection and so on don´t work, because you have to hear which note is the downbeat…

I am using the lastest Cubase 7 on Mac.

Kind regards

Hello Thorsten - sometimes, when the automatic tempo detection doesn’t work well, “Tap Tempo” (p. 468) will get you to where you can set the definition from the grid.

Might also want to look at the “Tips and Tricks” part of the forum for how to get multitrack drums in sync … maybe something in there can be applied to your project.

Good luck!

Hi Alexis,

thank you very much for your reply!

Someone else here gave me a hint: I did not recognize the global time warp tool in the tool bar of the project window…
I had intermixed it with Audio warping, so I never tried it before… It does exactly want I want, and with really good usability. After setting all the tempo changes to reflect the original song´s tempo, I can apply the information into the audio part´s definitions, Cubase offers to activate musical mode on them, and voilà :slight_smile: I can then copy every snippet from the original song to any part of a new arrangement in any tempo, and it justs fits magically :wink: very happy with that!

Kind regards