Copy dialog now require mouse clicking?


I was quite surprised to find that pressing Ctrl+K now result in a dialog where I can’t navigate with the keyboard to get to the number of copies or tick the “Shared” checkbox. Hitting tab just switches between OK and Cancel buttons.
Previously, the cursor would already be in the “number of copies” box - making it really easy to just enter a number - press tab - then space and finally enter … this would result in the desired number of Shared copies.

I am assuming this new behavior is a bug?


There has been reports of a lot of similar “oversights” in Cubase 13 when they changed how windows are handled from a very custom way, to the standard MS Windows way. You will find several threads about it if you search the forum.
I believe the developers are aware and are working on a remedy.


Note that on a Mac I see the same behavior in such modal forms.
The good thing is that these annoyances/misses can be easily fixed.

I think so too :slight_smile:

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This is a known and already reported issue. Thank you.

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It now partially fixed in 12.30 … The “spinner” box now has focus when opening the form … But there is still no way to get to “Shared Copies” without clicking.
Using “tab” just alters between OK and Cancel.