copy/duplicate an instrument?

I’ve experimented with ableton live for a bit. One of the great things I quickly started to do was copying an instrument (or duplicating a track with an instrument). It allows me to experiment with the parameters of the same instrument on a new track and go back if necesary. I haven’t found out how to do this in Cubase 6.

Is something like this also possible in Cubase 6?

Yes, use the instrument on an “instrument track”.

How do I do this? Where do I use the instrument from do I drag/copy it (like with effects?)

No it’s a little different.
Create instrument track (from p.206 of the Operation Manual)
Right click on track, choose duplicate tracks (p. 75 of the Operation Manual)

I think you could also do this with presets. If you save the different patches under alphabetically consecutive names you can then easily compare them from the preset panel. Once you’ve finished, delete the presets you no longer want.

Hope that helps,

Aloha S,

Using Instrument Tracks what I do is to option/drag a part in the Project Window.

This creates a new Instrument and part EXACTLY the same as the first part.

If you then mute the first part. you can
muck with the 2nd part all you want.