Copy/Duplicate Selections Before Committing

I’m sure this feature got added, but I cannot find the keyboard shortcut or menu option to do it.
e.g. how do I make a selection of something, then copy that selection across (without copying/moving the audio in the layer) to build up multiple selections (without having to save selection > move > load save selection > merge etc etc)

Just remembered. Selection > Transform Seletion > ALT+Move [Shift to maintain vertical axis] but that Copies the audio, what key simply copies as an empty selection?

Use the Transform Selection tool, not the Transform tool. The Transform Selection tool can be found under the Transform tool, and doesn’t copy the audio, just the selection:

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And just had a quick side thought…

After creating your selections, can you then edit/adjust them all at once by working on just one.? Like, have a ‘master’ selection that all the duplicates follow.? Or maybe somehow temporarily ‘group together’ certain selections, so they all follow changes when you edit one of them…?

(have you heard the term ‘ghost copies’.? Cubase has them for events - see its manual for detail).

The best way this idea could be implemented is spawn dropping and then from there you can use the save selections system along with spawn dropping hand-in-hand in order to achieve this type of editing.

As a matter of fact, I do see what you’re suggesting with the idea ghost selections however there would have to be a significant improvement to the axis system. In order to truly have ghost selections(where any selection you make applies to the rest) the first thing that would have to be fixed first is the axis system. The way way the axis system works right now is you can only resize proportionally in a linear fashion, for example (as of right now) there is no way or option to lock any of the intersections nor edges(any of the corners) while resizing or transforming the selections.