Copy (Folder)tracks between projects.

I have 22 existing songs/projects, and I have added a folder track containing 10 mono audiotracks + 1 group track to the 1st song/project.
Now I would like to copy this folder track to the other 21 songs/projects, but this doesn’t seem to be possible???
The tracks in this folder don’t contain any audiorecordings.
Do I really have to create the tracks for every other song/project?? :confused:
(Ohh, and I’m not talking about a template. :wink: )

If I understand you correctly, a multi-track preset may do what you are looking for.

If you mean, selecting the Audio + grouptracks and then save as preset, that doesn’t seem to work…
In the other project, when I want to load the preset, nothing changes.
But that’s only a work around, I still need to create the folder & audio & grouop tracks every single time. :unamused:
I was hoping for a simple copy & paste solution…
Ohh well, in that case, I’ve got something to do on a rainy sunday afternoon… :mrgreen: