Copy FX's / Instrument pictures to another PC

Hi there!

I love being able to see the fx’s and instruments preview, and took some time to capture each one of those.
Is there any way I can copy those same pictures over a different PC? so I don’t have to do it all over again?, there are quite a lot!

I looked into different Cubase folders but couldn’t find any reference to them.

It would be nice if the pictures were took automatically when the plugins are first opened so we don’t have to do it each time…it’s nice being able to update it if we would like a different view of the plugin, but there should be an automatic capture to start with at least.


they should be in your documents-folder -> steinberg -> VST thumbnails

Would be nice if the companies could create a batch for us. The thought of doing the whole of Waves Mercury, isn’t appealing.

Nice! Thanks a lot! :slight_smile: