Copy just a part of the preferences (colours+)

Is there a way to export a specific part of the user preferences? With the new licensing system (yay!) I have Pro in the studio + on the travel system. They do not have the same technical setup, but I would like to have the same colouring and keyboard shortcuts. A lot of other stuff I want to be different. Therefore, before I begin copying prefs by hand: can I just pull out a colours prefs and copy it over? Will one of the xmls cover this?


The key commands can be copied quite easily, it is one file “Key Commands.xml” in the Preferences Folder.

If by “colour prefs” you mean the UI colors you set in the Preferences, it is a bit more work:
Get into the preferences dialog, click “Save marked preferences only” and then select all the preferences in the tree you want to save, then save as new preset. Copy this preset file to your other computer, start Cubase, go to Preferences and load that preference.
The user-saved configuration xmls are in the subfolder “Presets\Configurations” of the Preferences Folder (see for that)

“Save marked preferences only” ! Ah, that should do the trick. Excellent.


Thanks. I’ve never understood the purpose of that option.

Tbh, i never used it either and only tested it because of this thread :wink:
Well, you’re never too old to learn…