Copy Melody rhythm into the drum voice

I would have liked to copy the melody into the drums, set it to a rhythm note on the G line and then insert slashes and display both voices. I added slashes to the percussion map. How can I do this?

You’re almost completely set! I assume, the melody is supposed to give the drummer cues for accents?

  1. Select bars where you want the accents to appear.
  2. Insert cue using shift - u or the ear symbol.
  3. Choose player to cue into the drum part, in this case your melody player
  4. Select rhythmic cue in the panel below.

If you want to have the cue displayed as slashes, you’ll have to create a new player in setup, copy the melody into that stave and turn all notes into slash note heads. Then cue that stave instead of the original, and exclude this dummy player from the layout.

In the end, create a slash region in the drums where you need it and adjust the height of the cues to taste…

Have fun,

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