Copy midi notes to new midi track

Hi guys,

I was wondering of some of you know how to cut notes from a midi track and paste them into a new midi track? For instance I want to take a certain melody line from a piano score and paste it directly into a violin midi track? Seems like a straight forward option?

midi selection.tiff (28.5 KB)

I would set locators to selection move transport to left locator open the midi editor of the part I want to copy highlight the notes and copy
Then open the other part in the midi editor and paiste

You could just copy the MIDI part from one track to the other.

Method 1
Select the part you want to copy. Use crtl+D to duplicate it. Drag the new part wherever you want.

Method 2
Hold Alt while clicking and dragging on the part. This will create a copy that you can move wherever you want.

Alternatively, right-click on the track with the part and duplicate the track. Change the VSTi on this new track to the instrument of your choice.

He, thanks for your replies!

Suppose I duplicate the midi track, then I have to manually erase all the notes I don’t want the specific instrument to play. Not very practical. I’m actually looking/hoping for a function under midi which enables you to select the notes that I want (for instance from a piano score) and give the command “make into new midi track”. Makes sense? Cheers guys.

No function like that. What I’d do is copy the part. Then edit the new part. Select all the notes you want to keep, then use the MIDI Logical Editor to delete all the non-selected notes. I’ve attached an image of what a Logical Editor preset to do that would look like. If you are gonna do this a lot, consider assigning a key command to the preset. Then you’d just select the notes and hit the key command. I’d always to this on a copy of a part to avoid accidentally deleting stuff I don’t intend to.
log editor del unselected.JPG

Raino, thanks a lot for your detailed reply! I’ll try it out, haven’t used that function at all!

Another way to handle this is to open in in-place editors of the two tracks. Selected notes can be dragged to other tracks, or copy/paste at origin.