Copy midi notes up/down an octave.

I need to duplicate the notes in a region and transpose them up/down an octave but keep them in the same region, like an orchestrator would, just so it is doubling the note up/down an octave. I’m using the Logical Editor, and the only way to copy and transpose results in a new midi region created on a new track. Dragging the new region up, and deleting the newly created track saves no time.

Is it possible to just copy and transpose without holding down option and dragging all of the notes? Film composers do this constantly, and this function would save tons of time.

english is not my mother language and I do not know exactly whether I get you right. But:

Opening the piano roll editor by double click on the midi part, drawing a selection box with the mouse around all notes you want to transpose, holding “alt” (for copying) and just dragging them upwards or downwards should do the trick? Or did I miss something?


There is Key command for octave transpose, but not for octave copy. I can imagine, it’s possible to do this by using Logical editor. If you want, I can write it for you (tomorrow). Then, you can assign your own Key command on it.

Aloha guys,

After properly placing the cursor here is my flow:

1-Select (mouse pointer)
2-Copy (key command)
3-Paste (key command) Yes! paste it right on top! but quickly move it with step 4.
4-8va up/down (key command)

I can do this combination very fast.



This is the Logical Editor script for the Octave up copying:
Type Is > Equal > Note

Action Target:
Value 1 > Add > 12

If you want to transpose to one octave down, change the Parameter 1 in the Action Target to -12.

Function, set to Insert.

You can save this as your own preset (one for octave up, second one to the octave down), and assign your own short cut.

I’m sending you screenshot for octave up.

Thanks, Martin. That works great! I was trying copy as the function, and that didn’t work well.

What does this function do in your case?

Did you change function, and set Insert?

OK, one more, different solution. Use Macros:

  • Open File > Key Commands
  • Click to Show Macros button
  • Click to New Macro button
  • Name your Macro

Make this Macro:

  • Locate Selection
  • Copy
  • transpose +12
  • Paste

(I’m sending screenshot.)

Then, just select notes, you want to copy, and transpose octave up, and choose Edit > Macros > Your Macro You can assign your own Key command on this Macro.

With copy as the function, it creates a whole new midi region on a new track. Insert creates the desired result. Thanks, the macro works as well.