Copy midi part color bug? Am I doing something wrong?

Hi all. Here is what I have and what I’m doing…
I have 2 midi tracks that I am comping together to make a “BEST OF” track. One track is BLUE and the other one is colored ORANGE. I then have an empty midi track. When I like a measure of 1 track, I copy it then paste it to the empty track so I am slowly building the perfect take. Problem is, for example, the track I copy is BLUE, when I paste it, it changes color to whatever my empty track is. Is there a way to copy and paste in such a way to preserve the color of the original track it came from?

Yes. When you color a Track, by default the Parts you create on that Track will be the color of the Track. And if you change the Track’s color the Parts will follow. And if you move the Parts to a new Track they will turn it’s color. This is because the Parts do not have any color set, so they take on the Track’s color. But you can also select the Parts and set their color directly which they will retain even when the Track changes color.

So before you start comping, select the Parts on each Track and set the Parts to their own color.