Copy mixer channel settings does NOT copy the HP and LP slope

usually when i copy the settings of a mixer track to another i have all Insert and EQ, fader and sends level etc. appear exactly as the source track.
1 exemption: the slope settings of the Pre hi and lo pass filters.
very annoying little detail.
please fix!

I cannot reproduce it. Cubase Pro 12.0.60 on PC.

Can you please tell us how exactly you copy the settings?

Piece of advice…do some phase tests on the steinberg filters…like any other daw filters…just terrible if you are using for cleanup

After much research, dan worral etc and peeps I trust
Only use linear phase for xover tasks…there is not distortion at all as long as there is no gain…so for xover there is no pre ringing and despite Wytse and other rants…I spend weeks on this…solved :slight_smile:

Izotope still have a free EQ atm…it is crazy good and leaves all the DAW eq a long way behind

WITH…wait for it

One of the best linear phase HP/LP! for free :slight_smile:
I already have their stuff but if I didn’t, i would in an instant replace all dig/onboard eq etc