Copy/move MIDI CC data to another track or different CC

Hi, I’m new to Cubase Pro 10 (Mac) and hoping someone can help me with this.

*I want to copy CC1 automation data and paste it to CC11. I tried to do it with Logical editor but I can’t make it work…
Can someone tell me how to set the logical editor? step by step? Do these () brackets matter? what am I doing wrong? (pic attached)

*Also I want to copy CC1 data of track-A and paste it to CC1 of track-B. If I simply copy(command+c) and paste(command+d), it works if the track-B CC1 is empty. But if it’s not, pasting merges with the data that’s already there. it doesn’t replace. How can I paste-replace? I can’t seem to paste-replace midi notes too… what am I missing?

Any advice would be appreciated!

Hi and welcome,

  1. Go for Logical Editor (not Project Logical Editor). The formula is:
Filter Target
( Type Is | Equal | Controller | And
Value 1 (MIDI Controller No.) | Equal | 1 )

Action Target
Value 1 | Set to fixed value | 11

  1. Instead of Paste, I would go for Paste at Origin. Then you don’t have to take care, the cursor is at the position of the very 1st MIDI CC event. But, you cannot replace. You have to delete the original data first.

Thanks Martin!!
I got “copy cc1 to cc11” work finally! didn’t know the difference between PLE and LE. rookie mistake. haha.

I saved the preset and assign a key command successfully. I had to make my preset folder in Logical Edit (Library-Preferences-Cubase 10.5-Presets) to be able to see my preset in the key command list but made it work.

And Paste at Origin is very useful.

Coming from Protools, (which I think things are much simpler), lot’s of things to learn here but slowly start liking Cubase.


From my point of view, the main difference between Cubase and Pro Tools is, Pro Tools forces you the way you will work. Cubase is much more flexible and you could come to the same goal by multiple totally different ways. So you could choose the style you like. Both of these approaches have its cons and pros.