Copy notes and add in existing voice

Hello everyone!

first of all thanks to the team for the new update!

I would like to know if it is possible to cut notes from a voice and paste them in an already present voice, so that they add (and not replace) the notes already present in that voice. Thanks for your help

Yes. Paste Special>Paste into Voice

Have you tried pasting them in Insert mode (if you want to move the notes sideways) or in chord mode or Paste Special to a different voice (if you want to paste them in below or above existing notes)?

here’s what I was missing, paste with the chords mode inserted … I’ll try it, thanks for reply!

I would like to paste the notes by adding them to the existing ones, in the same position they are in, so without moving

It’s always wise to try this on a copy of your file.


Hi Janus,
I would like to know how to a voice ,
2.copy all of its notes,
3.paste them into the instrument associated with another player

Could you please help ?

Welcome to the forum, @Luca_Toldo. Select the first note in the voice you want to copy, then use Edit > Select More to progressively select more of the notes in that voice. Now use Edit > Copy to copy the selected notes to the clipboard. Finally, select the rest in the instrument where you want the music to be pasted, and choose Edit > Paste. You can use the standard system-wide shortcuts for cut, copy, and paste in Dorico.

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thank you so much ! It works !! I would have never found it by myself or through the docs… thanks a lot ! Dorico is so powerful and reach !