Copy of selected mixer tracks with no sends?

Hi all.
When I save a complete group of channels (eg. 16 drum tracks), and I load it into the new project, all eq, plugins, pan and vol are OK, but not a single send is loaded? (destination fx returns are already created)

Am I missing something? Some preference setting?

Please help, otherwise I’ll have to write down all sends on paper…


PS: the manual says that all audio settings ( incl. Sends) are coped (not the routing). So I undersand it should work…

It works “sort of” you just need to switch them on, the actual send levels will then be correct.

Thanks. You are sort of right… I find only the levels, I still have to define tge destination…

Any other hint?


If you think about it, there is no guarantee that the FX channels in a different project have the same order or even FX. so I’ve always seen it as a kind of fail safe. better that than having all the sends going to the wrong destinations|!

…I would expect that if I have a return channel named “224 long”, and I loaded a channel with a send to “224 long” that those would get connected. And if I misspelled the return channel like “224 LONG” I would expect, like for missing inserts, to find a “!!!224 long!!!” in the channel send slot.