Copy or export chord symbols in a passage of music or flow?


using Dorico Pro 3.0.10:

  1. I’m not able to copy chord symbols along with the music, which is a bummer. I think I need to select which staves use chord track, but still, if I want just to copy a passage inside a flow/song inside an instrument or between staves, this is slowing down the workflow.

  2. Same with exporting MusicXML: the chords are not in the score at all when I open the MusicXML file in another program.

  3. Also, using Chord symbols filter in selection doesn’t select the chords symbols. Nor it selects more, just one bar or a line at a time. I can’t extend the selection to multiple lines of music or the whole score, for that matter.

What is the correct approach to these things?

Kind regards,

  1. Use the a System Track to select the relevant passage, then filter chord symbols.

  2. Nothing you can do about this one. Originally Dorico exported chord symbols in MusicXML but I pointed out that the functionality was broken, so it got dropped until there’s time to fix it. Thus far as it hasn’t been high enough up the todo list.

  3. Same as 1.

For what it’s worth, it used to be very easy to select chord symbols along with everything else. Unfortunately that meant that it was exceptionally easy to inadvertently overwrite existing chord symbols (or erase them when pasting), in ALL instruments, without any kind of warning. The existing behaviour is better than the old behaviour, I promise!

checking in … is there a way to export chords with flows now in dorico 4??
thanks, JW