Copy part as a clone in a song

Is it possible to copy a part as a clone in the same song so that for example part 3, part 6 and part 9 are the same. If you change one part, it changes all cloned parts. To go farther, to have the possibility to unclone the parts if necessary.

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You can use shared Instruments, all Parts using those will change when you change the according Instrument(s). And you can use global Parts. But “shared Parts” are not available.

Hi, this was clear.
If you have a part with 12 layers, it becomes very confusing.
Perhaps in version 3.o

can you copy a part with shared instruments and that would be the same as cloning?
I wonder cause I didn´t test it.

Copying a Part is exactly like cloning. While that is also true for copying a Part with Layers that refer to Shared Instruments, it still means that when you change that Instrument, it changes the Instrument for all Layers that refer to it, cloned or not.