Copy/Paste all automation incl. Plug-Ins

Hey everyone,

Was wondering on how to go about copying and pasting all written automation to include plug-ins.
EQ some dialogue on a scene, would like to copy that automation and then punch it back in later down the session where we revisit the same scene.

My PT brain wants to capture and punch to loop later down the road where I have selected that scene… but that’s not a thing?

Do I have to show “all used” automation and manually Ctrl+C copy and Ctrl+V paste it via range selection?

I think I have an idea on how to go about this in Nuendo.
It would be nice if maybe someone with a lot of hours under their belt can verify this method?

Essentially, it’s the punch log. Make your adjustments to your EQ (via Insert), but keep all other automation write suspended. Punch to loop and it lands in your log. Then you can go down to another scene load that from the log, and punch+loop in that automation.

The only problem is revisiting something…
Say you’re writing your insert automation and then you are on to the next thing. You go down say 20 minutes and realize that you didn’t add the same EQ settings to this section, but you’ve gone past 10 in the log. The only way to go about it is to go back to an earlier section that has the EQ, and then while in preview click A/B twice in the plug in and punch loop again so it saves to the log. Then go down and punch loop it into the section you forgot.

Yeah, you could save a Preset… But having 40,000 presets or managing them is just extra work.
Is there a way to capture current used automation into the log? Ctl+C and Ctrl+V is too risky if you have a lot of automation.

Or do I need to submit a feature request?

Indeed, it would be nice to be able to “collect” stuff from a section and paste it anywhere (also on other tracks).
This however is an extremely complicated feature, because you need to be able to select which automation you want to paste, and which not.
And the target track might be constructed in a different way (plugins, routing, etc …)
Anyway …

A trick that might work is (in preview) selecting a range, fiddling with the parameters without changing them (for example bypass on/off) and then commiting this into your now target range.


Yeah, I did A/B, but Bypass is less risky.

I don’t know if it would be that tricky… You would just select the open insert and "capture settings to log ".
You could add it to the actual plug in window or channel strip for that matter. Not the automation window.

Then punch them down later.
Toggling Bypass, or fiddling with something makes it feel like it’s a missing feature.

OK, just for plugin settings, this would work.
I am confused with an old feature request to capture all channel settings (Inserts, EQ, Dynamics) or parts of it into a new tracks/section.
On an individual basis, that should indeed work.


Yeah, it would just be what those settings are set to for that specific insert (plug in), and of course, at that given time.
Again, I wouldn’t even put it in the automation window, just leave it in the plug in window next to the R&W.
“Snapshot to Log” “Capture to log” something like that…
++ If it shows the name of the plug in, in the log… Or category at least… Dynamics, EQ, Restoration, etc.

I do really like how you can check mark (save from deletion) the punch logs and rename them. That’s the other solution I found works.
If I’m doing reverb for instance, I can preview and punch to loop on a scene that takes place in Location A, save it and apply it if a scene revisits location A again… But with 100’s of tracks… The Plug In window would be the cherry on top.

The punch log effectively makes working with automation in Nuendo 30X better than Pro Tools.

Where do I go to submit a feature request?

I’ll port this over for you.


What a pal!! hahaha. thanks.
Where do we go for feature requests? Is there a form?
I imagine, the lovely devs don’t want it to be overwhelmed with stuff people don’t research in the manual.

Hi guys! I’m just working on a kind of something you are talking about here. I couldn’t think out better than Lemur platform for static automation. I have 20 snapshots that pretty much do the job of copy-paste Volume, Pan(LR), EQ and Sends. Dynamic and Inserts are not working yet. 14bit NRPN midi are used to give best resolution for copying exact values of parameters, though EQ Freq parameter seems to suffer from a lack of resolution even 14 bits midi messages.But very a little. The snapshots copies all possible parameters, but you can choose what ones you would paste, what band of EQ for instance. It is possible to make pasting even more detailed cause Lemur grabs all parameters individually. If anyone would like it I can share it but it’s not even beta version so all on your own risk and don’t cast a stone at me then)