Copy/Paste Automation bug when automation points <= 0.1 dB

Hey there,
I noticed a bug when copy/pasting automation, which messes up the entire automation lane, when there are automation points which differ 0.1dB or less.

On this graphic you see the set automation values for each section:

Now look what happens if you take the 2 points on the far left and copy paste them somewhere on the same lane:

The other automation points get totally messed up. This is the result:

Steps to reproduce:

  • Take an Automation lane, doesn’t matter if its volume automation/plugin parameter automation/ecc
  • Create different automation points, which differ <= 0.1dB from each other
  • Paste some automation points anywhere on that lane
  • Look what happens to the <=0.1dB points created earlier

This happens even on empty projects and also on earlier Cubase versions. I never found out why my precise automation got always messed up, now I finally found this issue.


I can see the curve changed graphically. But what are the values in the Info View, please?

Hi Martin,
the graphical representation is in sync with the values in the info view and also in the inspector/plugin window, so it is unfortunately not only a graphical bug, if you were trying to say that.

I’m using 10.5 pro and just had a similar issue. I was writing automation for the eq and changed the frequency of the band between 200 and 400 Hz. These were only tiny changes and let’s say 20 through the whole song. After stoping the writing the whole automation was smashed down to 6 points and the resulting curve was globally maybe ok, but not in detail.
Finally I was down to the settings of automation (F6 by default) and set the reduction level to 0. Job done! Everything remains, how it was recorded.
I’m not 100% sure if the reduction level might help in your case, but there are more settings, which could apply.
Good luck!

Seems to be fixed in C13. Can anyone please confirm? @joerg5000

Now with the C13.0.30 its again not working.