Copy/paste automation help...

Hi there I wonder if someone could assist.Could someone please explain how to copy and paste automation to a
like set of files (with some small differences).



Depends on what you need to do.
If it’s a range, then just use the range tool, copy/paste.
If it’s a setting, then use the automation punch functions.


Maximum respects Fredo thanks, ok I will be tacking it this afternoon.
Yes I vaguely remember copying and pasting but had strange results as far as I recall.
Actaully range that might be the key !

I think I was foolishly drag selecting automation points and trying to cut paste.

(This when Fredo proves his total value as a mod , he is helfpul person and that cannot be denied !)


Right… this is excellence. Sometimes you don’t know these things till something very specifc turns up
that you have not required before.The issue I had was the job involves 1 track with 6 stems, I have an alt version with different but very similar vocals. I did a fair amount of automation to get it together.

It is stem mastering but clients confidence in their mix has been lost, thats when stem work tends to come about, loss of objectivity etc. etc.The issue is I automated fader for vox and I need that to be transported to the alt version of the track vocal channel. Perfect, copy and paste with range (I also noted you can alt click and copy multiple lanes of automation, thumbs up smiley)

One thing I am now thinking is there was a new version of a stem sent (synths/leads), how does one keep the automation on that track that is already in place in the “mix/stem”. When I put the new part in it deletes auto with it? (replaces with it’s own which is no automation)

Ok running back and forth to Nuendo here…

Ok sussed it just copy the auto first then place new part, then paste automation in !

Sorry for the running Nuendo news (old news probably, lol) here but I have been predominantly working with L/R files for 2/3 years now in Nuendo.

Hopefully this will help someone.

I have noticed when copying and pasting many files/parts in an arrangement you
need to select the first track in the project for the paste to not paste to wrong or new tracks.