Copy/Paste beat not matching


I recently got a steinberg audio interface and it came with Cubase LE AI Elements 8. I am using an arranger keyboard to play the different sounds. I am recording different sounds on different tracks. I am using 1 track for drums, another one for piano, and etc…However, I added little bell sound every 4 beats in the middle of the song until at one point I stopped. Now, I want to loop that bell sound until the end of the song. When I go to copy paste it, the bell is completely off beat. The more i copy/paste, the more delay there seems to be between the bell sound. I have to cut little parts of the track here and there to play it on beat and its totally driving me insane. I used to use FL Studio and on that, you can just keep dragging the track sound with your mouse. Is there an easier way to copy paste a part of a track and also keep it on beat?

I have attacked the picture. The track name is “Low Bell”.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Hold down Ctrl + Alt modifiers, while dragging the event to the new position.

The Alt modifier makes the copy instead of the moving.
The Ctrl modifier takes care to keep the event at the same position.

Thanks so much! Turns out I had my snap turned on. Fixed the problem :slight_smile:


Especially when your Snap si turned Off (and you are not based on the Grid at all) is the Ctrl modifier useful. :wink: