Copy/paste bug

Hi! There is a bug, when I copy paste a line from an instrument (sketch) to another in an orchestral score

A part of the line is stuck on the sketch instrument. There is no way to paste it in another staff. I noticed I moved these notes across staves by mistake (or maybe they moved by themselves and it’s part of the bug) and put them back in the right staff before copying them.

Before copying/pasting, reset notes to their home staff (see the note at the end here).

Thanks Lillie, it worked for the copy-paste action

However, the notes were in principle already at their original staff. The resetting didn’t change anything “visually”. Is this a bug?

There’s a subtle difference between notes that have been crossed to another staff and crossed back, and notes that have been reset to their “home staff”.

This is similar to a stem whose direction you have flipped then flipped back: Dorico still understands this to be a “stem direction override”, because its direction remains explicitly set.

Oh, that’s good to know! I would be a good thing if it didn’t affect the copy/paste function though

Tanks for your help!