copy paste channels

I have added some audio and fx channels with effects ready for vocal recording and playback. I want to copy these channels into a different song. Can I do this? I am not interested in creation an empty song with a preset, because I already have marker tracks and audio mixdown in the songs. I just want to avoid creation the same channels over and over again.

Yes save those tracks as track-presets or just as an insert preset.

thanks but when I save the tracks as preset, it does not include the fx channels. Only the regular channels… I can save 1 fx channel preset at the time… Ok maybe I have to do like that…

You currently can’t save Group, FX or Folder tracks as part of a multi-track preset, among other restrictions. You also can’t import them via the project import. The only way to do it currently is to make project templates. This is an oft requested feature addition to track presets.