Copy Paste Effects in Inspector on Clips

I’m trying to copy/paste a master rig over multiple clips. On the first clip I set up the master rig with EQ and Compression. But when I copy and paste to the other clips the master rig only shows up with the default EQ, no compressor. Do I need to do some extra steps to get the compressor to copy over as well?

Hmm, I don’t use the Master Rig much but I copy and paste Effects Chains from one clip to another often and I just tested it here and it works.

Here is a video:

thanks for taking the time to reply and make a video Justin. So now it is working fine for me as well. I’m wondering if I didnt have my copy to clips selected properly, I’ll have to try some different scenarios to retrace my steps. But it is working now just like in your video. thank you for that…

No problem. There are a couple different ways to copy Clip Effects and a few more ways to paste them so there is a chance you originally found a loophole or bug but without more info, it’s not possible to try and reproduce it but the handful of methods I’ve tried here seem to work.