Copy/Paste: Font changes - what is going on here?


I am working on Dorico Elements 3 on my laptop.
I open a project, which I had previously started in Dorico Pro 3.
I copy and paste lyrics from one file to the other.
The Academico font changes to a non serif font during this process, please have a look here:
Why is this?
I do have an underlying font problem: I once worked on a project for which I changed the default font from Academico to Simoncini Garamond. I only changed this for one project. On all other projects I use the default Academico font.
Since that one project I quite often get a font warning „Simoncini is missing“ which I always reply to with replacing it with „Academico Regular“.
I guess there is some font cache which I would have to clear to get rid of the font warnings - and also to get rid of this weird behaviour whilst copying and pasting in a totally unrelated project.
If someone could point me into the right direction to solve this issue I would be very thankful :slight_smile:

If you copy and paste lyrics from one file to another, they will always take on whatever font is set in the destination file’s Engraving Options > Font Styles > Lyrics (or Chorus Lyrics, or Translation Lyrics or whatever). The properties will be retained but the font won’t be. The solution is to set your lyrics fonts correctly in the destination file. It doesn’t matter whether you do this before or after you copy and paste.

the weird thing is: both the source file as the one I am pasting to are set to use the default Academico font. Actually one Dorico file is a copy of the other. Specially in this case the behaviour of Dorico Elements does not make any sense.

File 1 created in Dorico Pro 3. Default font Academico.
I make a copy of this file and call it File 2.
I add the lyrics to File 1.
Later I open both files in Dorico Elements 3 on my laptop and do the copying and pasting of the lyrics in this environment.
The result is what you see in the video…
It’s a miracle to me…

In that case, please post cut-down versions of both projects that demonstrate the problem.

Ok pianoleo, I will do once I have finished this concert and are back home…

I came home and noticed one of the files was still open in Dorico Pro 3… As I save the files in a folder that gets synchronised with iCloud, this open file might be the reason?

I don’t think that’s likely to have any bearing on it: when you’re working on a Dorico project, the file itself isn’t locked, because Dorico is working on an unzipped version of the project file that it keeps squirreled away. That project file in the folder synced by iCloud would only be updated when you actually save.

Thank you Daniel, this explains something, but:
I do still have a font issue since my Dorico Pro 3 installation.
Completely newly set up projects (with Doricos default Academico font) reopen (after having been saved) with the Missing Fonts dialogue. It asks for the Simoncini Garamond font and how to replace it. I don’t know why this happens. It is a little annoyance when reopening projects.
Only once in the past I had used that font for just one specific project. Now it seems I will have never ending trails/leftovers somewhere in my Dorico installation from that one occasion. Isn’t there some preferences or font cache folder I could erase to get a fresh start?

This came up before:
If I remember correctly, somewhere (maybe in another thread) Daniel said, he will take care of this in the next update.