Copy/paste from one project to another only pasting pedal markings and fermatas

I imported a musicXML file Sibelius and it was a piano file with 7 staves (because Ossias in Sibelius create a new staff each time). So the original piano part is in the bottom two staves.

I can’t for the life of me figure out how to copy and paste the notes from the imported XML file into a clean Dorico file.

I select the two staves at the bottom. I select Edit>Select to end of flow. I copy. I paste into the two staves of the piano score, and all that pastes are the pedal markings and fermatas.

I’m at a complete loss because this feels like a basic functionality that should work.

Thanks for any help.

This is, in fact, basic functionality that should work as expected. So something is amiss.

I don’t understand why the notes aren’t copying, but you should try using the system track to select a range of notes. It’ll also select the time signatures, which you need to have copied over as well as the notes.

UPDATE: So far I’ve been able to get SOME things pasted back in, but only through repeatedly using the filter

Filter>Time signature, copy and paste into new file correctly
Filter>Notes and chords, copy and paste into new file correctly
Filter>Slurs, copy and paste into new file correctly
Filter>All Dynamics, copy and paste into new file correctly

Thanks for the reply, Dan, copying the system track and pasting crashes Dorico every time. I think this is because the system track is trying to copy 7 staves into 2.

No, that shouldn’t do it.

Methinks there’s something off in your XML import. I’d need to see the project to tell.

UPDATE 2: When I copy and paste large sections into the same file, it pastes it in the bottom two staves even if the top only is selected.

The voices are all wrong and there’s some unholy cross-staffing going on, it may have to do with that. [I wish I could actually see in the bottom strip what voice is being used because the “always on” colors with no identifiers are, in my opinion, useless. Like, what does blue mean? Is it in the right staff or cross staff? Up-stem voice 1 or Up-steam voice 2?]

Select a range of notes, right-click–Voice–Upstem Voice 1.

Ahh, you replied before I finished my edit explaining that upstem voices don’t actually identify if they are cross staff, so the filter actually selects everything, since they are all upstem voice 1.


Copying any passage with a pedal marking pastes all music into the same bottom 2 staves. Filtering out the pedal lines has solved that so far.


There is no way to paste the pedal lines into the top two empty staves. Deleting the notes on the bottom staff also deletes the pedal marking.


Looks like I finally got it to work, it was the pedal lines that was always selecting.

Select all
[if time signature change]
Filter time signatures
Copy time signatures
Paste into new file

Select music
Filter out pedal lines
Paste to top staves
Remove bottom staves (pedal still shows)
Copy music of top two staves
Paste into new file

This also doesn’t select tempo, so you have to copy and paste that into it also.