Copy /Paste Insert FX


I know I can opt / Drag insert FX between channels / tracks in the Mixer window but if you are working in the Project window its not so easy. I never realized that I can’t select an insert FX and copy it, select another track and paste it in to a slot there.

I had a job yesterday at a location with a single screen where this started to drive me nuts. So please

1 : enable effects slot copy / paste


2: let me alt / drag an FX insert in the Project Inspector ( sidebar) and drop it onto another track and have it copy to an empty slot there.

or both.


Does “copy selected channel settings” & “paste to selected channels” work?
(TRL-C & CTRL-V with the MixConsole in focus?)
It does here, although it also copies the fader setting & other stuff as well.

Perhaps we could get just the inserts added?