copy & paste inserts/plugins quickly

Hi, how can I copy a tracks insert(s) quickly and paste to another track? I only see the option of copying the plugin settings which means I have to keep reapplying the plugin from a long drop down list which takes time.

Additionally is there a way to copy a tracks eq, sends/inserts/plugins etc with one click and paste it all to another track. I’m sure duplicating the track and then shifting the audio is not the best way of handling this. Any help would be appreciated? :slight_smile:

Open the mixer> option/alt + drag the insert to other tracks. If you want to remove it just drag it out of the mixer.

Thank you. Is there any other way to accomplish this, like via the inspector or tool bar ie. ‘copy/paste tracks attributes’? I’m only asking because I don’t generally have the mixer console open all the time?

I just tried from the inspector and I don’t think so. Mainly because it’s hard to drag from one insert slot to the other
If you know what I mean. On the other hand you can copy and paste the inserts settings to another insert from the inspector.

There’s a quicker way.

In the mixer or arrange window, select the source channel and press CTRL+C (copy).
Then select the destination channel and press CTRL+V (paste).
All inserts and sends are now copied across.


Great, but it copies all channel settings not just all inserts, so we’re stuck in an all or nothing situation.

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