Copy Paste issue Dorico iPad

Since early versions of Dorico iPad it happens to me very often when using the keyboard shortcut cmd+C to buy and cmd+V to paste, it duplicates whatever I have copied. Text, notes,chords. etc.

This isn’t something that has been reported before. Can you provide steps to reproduce the problem?

Hi Daniel, select a passage or a text press cmd +C to copy and cmd+V to paste, most of the time it is duplicated. I have Magic Keyboard and iPad Pro 11”

What are you doing between copying and pasting? What would you expect copying and pasting to do aside from make a copy and paste it?

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Hi @pianoleo I hope that when I paste, I paste what I copied, but that I paste it only once, here the situation is that when I copy something when I paste it, it makes two copies instead of one.

If you see the image that I attached to the post you will see that the text is twice one above the other. There I pasted the text that I had copied from another page of the project.

The expected result is that I only pasted the text once, not twice.

I really can’t reproduce this, I’m afraid, Martin. If you use the Paste button in Dorico’s secondary toolbar, do you still get multiple items when you paste?

Dorico (163.6 KB)

Look @dspreadbury today I’m working in this project and i do the same copy paste and give me 7


What are you selecting before you paste? If it’s a single bar or rhythmic position, Dorico should give you one copy. If it’s a range of bars, Dorico will fill the selected range with pasted copies (and as is designed to do so).

The first rest in bass clef

What are those extra notes in the first copied measure? Can you show voice colors?
What are all the extra “sol” s doing above the clefs after the copied section(s)?
Could the V key on your keyboard be sticking?

Martin, can you please tell me whether this problem can be reproduced when you use the Paste button on Dorico’s secondary toolbar, rather than your external keyboard?

It has not happened to me, only with the keyboard, and it is not exactly that my keyboard is bad, I have already checked it several times.

I’m at a loss to explain why this would be happening. Does iPadOS provide controls for key repeat speed in Settings? Is it possible that you’ve got a very fast key repeat speed, so Dorico is interpreting one press of the key as several?

@dspreadbury Hi Daniel, today I was working on another project and I ran into the problem again, now I think I have a clue what is going on. The problem happens when pasting when the chord icon is selected.

When you paste with chord input active, whatever you paste will be merged with whatever material is already present, rather than replacing it. But that wouldn’t account for multiple copies of the material being pasted.

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I have already performed several tests and in all of them that was the result, could you try to reproduce it?

In order for the Team to reproduce something they will need the exact steps you took. If the problem you’re experiencing in “several tests” were that easy for them to reproduce, they would have found it a year ago.

A simple project file and a list of actions that yields the undesired result will allow them (and/or us) to zero-in on the problem.

In the posts above is a problem report in zip format, Here the sequence

“Write any note passage, select and with the keyboard shortcut cmd+c copy, select a blank bar and paste with the keyboard command cmd+v having the chord button on.”

This was not obvious to me, but is a cool feature! I was going to report the same issue but I guess it was also having chord input accidentally selected.

I’m unable to reproduce this problem at all, I’m afraid.