Copy Paste issue Dorico iPad

Since early versions of Dorico iPad it happens to me very often when using the keyboard shortcut cmd+C to buy and cmd+V to paste, it duplicates whatever I have copied. Text, notes,chords. etc.

This isn’t something that has been reported before. Can you provide steps to reproduce the problem?

Hi Daniel, select a passage or a text press cmd +C to copy and cmd+V to paste, most of the time it is duplicated. I have Magic Keyboard and iPad Pro 11”

What are you doing between copying and pasting? What would you expect copying and pasting to do aside from make a copy and paste it?

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Hi @pianoleo I hope that when I paste, I paste what I copied, but that I paste it only once, here the situation is that when I copy something when I paste it, it makes two copies instead of one.

If you see the image that I attached to the post you will see that the text is twice one above the other. There I pasted the text that I had copied from another page of the project.

The expected result is that I only pasted the text once, not twice.

I really can’t reproduce this, I’m afraid, Martin. If you use the Paste button in Dorico’s secondary toolbar, do you still get multiple items when you paste?