Copy/paste issue

If there is a grace note in the first beat of a bar and you try to paste over it, the grace note does not get replaced.

See attached file. Try to copy the first bar into the second without first deleting the second bar. Use either command-C/command-V or ‘r’ to copy and paste the first bar. The first grace note does not get replaced. The second one does (as expected). (201 KB)

This is, for what it’s worth, by design. A grace note at the start of a bar is technically at a rhythmic position earlier than a regular note pasted at the start of the bar, so it remains when you paste. When you paste a continuous range over the top of a position that contains grace notes, then they are removed. One slightly interesting wrinkle that we should maybe fix is that if you paste a passage that begins with a grace note on top of another passage that also starts with a grace note, the new grace note is added to the existing one.

If you’re going to go to the trouble to fix the grace note added to an existing grace note (and you should), then you really ought to fix the other “by design” issue. Because, it is certainly not an expected outcome regardless of your reasoning.

Hi Daniel,

Apologies for dredging up this ancient issue - nothing else came up in search. This is an ongoing minor annoyance for me. At a minimum, is it possible to implement your “wrinkle”?

Beyond that, I agree with dbudde. Perhaps this could be a configurable preference?

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Well, I’m afraid we’ve not done anything about this as yet, but I will revisit this issue with the team at some point. (Just probably not this week.)