Copy/Paste Issues

I am simply trying to copy the audio from one track to another track where I will perform separate processing. For some reason when I click the audio on the second, copied track, it is selecting BOTH audio events. Clearly the copied track is referring to the same audio event rather than creating a new separate audio event. (Hopefully I’m using the right terminology)

I’ve searched but I can’t seem to find the setting or change needed. Thanks for any help!

Yes, to edit only one audio clip, not all (offline processing, reverse, silence, normalize) you need to create a “real copy”. Right click

So the issue ended up being that I had the vocal tracks inside a folder. For whatever reason, the behavior of copies within a folder will not let you edit an individual audio event. Taking them out of the folder resolved the problem.

The reason is that you had activated “Group editing” for the folder.

This is correct! I must have hit the “=” button in that folder track at some point without knowing. Good to know!