Copy/paste Note expression

Can I copy/paste note expression from one MIDI note to other, even in another midi track? :question:

Yes (to both :wink: ).
Two things to note (sorry for the pun :wink: )…

  1. You copy the Note Expression by opening the note’s Note Exp window, and selecting the source controller curve (if the note exp window for that note has multiple CC#s, you can only copy one at a time).
  2. To paste, just open the destination note’s Note Exp window. If the Play cursor is before the note start, or after the note end, the paste will occur at the note start, but if the Play Cursor is later than the note start but still within the note length, it will be pasted at the cursor position (I just discovered that now, by trail and error :wink: ).

Ok, thanks very much.


here is an alternate method to paste the complete Note-Expression of one event to another one.
Go to Key-Commands/Note Expression and select a Key for “Paste Note Expression”.

Select a note with note expression and use “copy”. Select another note and use Your new Key-Command.
Voila !
If You select more than one source note, the note expressions will be pasted to several selected notes as well.
This is very useful for “fine tuning” percussion or drum sounds with note expression. Change one and copy it to all of them…


Oooh, lovely! thanks Werner (always something new to learn :slight_smile: )