Copy paste on group track


It’s not much, but this behaviour I don’t like when doing a wrong copy paste.
For exemple, you select a region on an audio track, select another audio track but wrongly select an effect or group track near it, you do paste but the region is pasted on the audio track you copied from (although not selected).
My first thought is maybe I did a paste at origin, or in place… I do it again sometimes wrong twice (need glasses)…
When it’s a midi region… it is doubled and vst plays louder but you might not spot it if it’s a copy at origin.
It doesn’t look much but make hundred projects a year, thousands of copy pastes… and it’s anoying or at worst it’s a doubled region you forget in a 1h30 film.
Why not having a popup warning like “wrong destination type selected” rather than pasting on a track the user cleary didn’t want to copy onto ?

Indeed, it always happen while we’re rushing to get job done, usually cause
" why this clip on here? why sound on wrong position? "
There is no too much limited on Nuendo, but not rigorous.
Hope they can improve it , in many ways.

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