Copy paste,paste,paste

I seem to remember on an old version of Cubase I had back in the day that if I had lets say a 4 bar part that when I copied then pasted, it would automatically paste directly after the first 4 bars then paste again would put it at the end of the last paste. This would allow me to very quickly build up a track for example to 48 bars.

What happens now is that it pastes over the top of the previous paste and I have to manually drag the copied section to where I want it.

Am I missing a setting somewhere that I need to change or is this the way it works now?

You want “duplicate.” Select clip. CMD/CTRL+D.

Thanks enjneer, just the job. that makes life easier.

Or if you are repeating the same part.
Ctrl+K and enter the number you want.

Cheers, another great keyboard shortcut learned today, I has been a long time since I used Cubase and it is like learning everything from the beginning again.

Or .

You can drag and copy by using Alt and positioning the cursor over the lower right of the last part until you see a pencil - then click and drag for as many copies as you need.

Sometimes I’m not sure how many copies I need and this works well for me.


Wow I did not know that! :astonished:

Set the locators to be the desired length, then choose Edit --> Functions --> Fill Loop (configure a hot key for this). The advantage of this method is that it will precisely accommodate the range in question, even truncating the last instance of the part to exactly fit the range.

So if the locators are set to (for example) 7 bars, and you have a 2 bar part, it will copy the part 3 times, then paste a 1 bar version of the part so it comes out to exactly 7 bars.

Aloha H,
and thanks for that.

I DID know about it and would do it ‘accidentally’ when trying to do something else
because I could not remember that ‘lower right of the last part’ thang.

I would say to myself: I’ll just look it up in the manual later but I would always forget to do so.

Now because of yer post, I will remember it for sure. Learning (and remembering) can be tricky.

Tanx for the reminder/tip.