Copy/paste question

Need copy/paste to work on selected events. After fresh install of C6, Ctrl+C now copies selected channel, not the highlighted event. I cant seem to find anything in Preferences I may have missed and finding nothing in the manual.

This is on a fresh W7 install on a new i7 2TB HDD 16MB build. I seem to have strange glitches (pieces of previous widows left on screen) also. Not sure if this is related or maybe OS/Cubase installed badly.

Please help a noob. :smiley:



Now I’m really confused. For some reason it started working. Then not copying selected events again. Whether selecting an event or a section with the Range tool. Ctrl+C is copying the channel (eq, inserts, etc.), not the highlighted event. Am I nuts, doing something stupid, or is my install somehow flawed. There is that black glitch floating on the recording PC screen again…maybe that is telling me something huh?

Trash Prefs

Once again man, thank you! Works perfectly now. You always seem to have the right answers.

Btw, why is it that trashing prefs seems to be the answer so often? The only preference I changed was the tape machine style and drum editor default. This install has only been in for 4 days. Do preferences get messed up by loading old projects? I guess that could be the answer huh?

Thanks again man,


… just a “left field” question :wink:
Could this be that you also have your Mixer window open, and it is the Mixer window that has focus while you (think you) are copy/pasting in the Project window? (and, therefore, nothing to do with Preferences :wink: )

Interesting thought. Though I always have my Mixer window open and never had the problem before. The issue is not there now so apparently the trash prefs worked. I’m sure I was at fault somewhere along the line. :blush:

Is the Mixer window set to “Always on Top”? (when not set, the behavior I described above can occur. Maybe rebuilding Prefs reset this flag?). Anyways, it seems sorted now :wink:.

Thanks! I will look into that. What is set to always on top (recently changed) is the insert/send window (whatever it’s called). Maybe that was messing me up as I noticed the eq change when I pasted what I thought was a copy of an event. Hmmm…

Yep, same argument goes for the Channel Settings window, as for the Mixer window itself.
Just make sure that it is the intended window that has the focus, when copy/pasting :wink:

Then you sir have solved any future issues for me as well. Thank you so much.

Now about that stupid black streak widows glitch? Any ideas? Possibly an issue with my video card? Just thought I’d ask. My new motherboard only had DVI outs and I already had two VGA monitors so picked up a $40 MSI R5450 video card. Maybe that is my issue there.

I realize this isn’t a computer building forum so I don’t really expect a response. Any suggestion as to where to find this type of information would be great.

Thanks again,