Copy Paste sections Instrument track

somehow i cannot copy sections of instrument tracks?? I recorded for example a Halion organ for two measures and now i want to cut exactly one measure and copy paste it, but that just does not work. Only for the Groove agent one drums it works. I noticed it occurs when the notes are prolonged like with the organ. Any idea?

Please be more specific. Are you trying to duplicate an instrument track? Copy a MIDI part on an instrument track? Copy MIDI notes within a part on an instrument track? How are you trying to do it? With the range select tool, by just selecting an entire part, etc. A screen shot would help too. There are lots of ways to copy stuff. We need more details to be able to help.

with the scissor you can split a section of instrument track and copy that part (drums for example) but when the recorded track is an uninterrupted tone, like Halion organ or so then the copy paste doesnt work correctly or not at all, it copies empty parts. For example try to record 2 measures of organ and then try to copy just one measure and paste it at the end.

If you cut a PART the notes do NOT get cut also. That means, in your case, the notes are all in the first half of the part (check it, you will see them there, extending past the end of the part). The second half of the part has no notes in it.
EDIT: To get what you want (I think) you need to cut the notes first, then the part, then copy. Or copy the whole thing then shorten it.

thanks, that was the answer.

There’s an option for notes to get cut when you split a Part, in Preferences>Editing>MIDI>“Split MIDI Events” (the “remainder” of the note is retriggered at the beginning of the Part that is to the right of the split).
(The option, directly underneath it, “Split MIDI Controllers” pastes a copy of the last value of al CC#s onto the beginning of the Part that is to the right of the split)

This is good to know. Thanks for the info! :slight_smile: Especially the MIDI CC part, would have saved me some time. I will check it out but I am wondering about the DIrection and Dynamics stuff. I suppose, since those are controlled to the instrument through CC or MIDI notes (keyswitches) it should work for those as well.

I had mixed feelings about this too. In fact (if I remember correctly), in earlier versions of Cubase 6, that is exactly how it used to work… the VST (direction-type) Expression data was copied after the split, but it made the Score look rediculous (lots of redundant symbols… every time you split a Part, all the VST Expression symbols got duplicated, even if you hadn’t actually edited anything… you could split a Part four times, starting from the left, and end up, in the last Part, with five “Spiccato” superimposed above one another!).
On balance, I definitely prefer it the way it is now.