Copy/Paste Selection Regions Cause Audio Shifts

Per Cubase documentation

You can cut or copy and paste selection ranges, using the functions on the Edit menu…Pastes the clipboard data to the start position and track of the current selection. Existing events on the tracks remain at their original position.

However, since Cubase 9.5 was released this behavior has changed and a bug introduced whereas selecting and copying any audio region in the Editor and moving the selected area to any other location within the audio Editor to paste the content causes all audio content events in the track to shift to the right.

To reproduce:

  1. Import or record audio to an audio track
  2. Double-click the audio track to access the editor
  3. Select a region of audio
  4. Copy the content (Edit -> Copy)
  5. Click and hold the selected region and move it to another location within the audio
  6. Paste the audio content at the new location (Edit -> Paste)

The content is pasted within the selected region but all audio content to the right of the region is shifted to the right making all previously synced audio out of sync with the project.

System Specs:
iMac 27 - 3.2GHz CPU - 32GB RAM
OSX 10.12.6 (Sierra)
Cubase 9.5

Issue is reproducible without any plugins or 3rd party components and has been affirmed via the forum by many other users.

In Cubase version 9 and prior, the content pasted within the region would be pasted at the start position and track of the current selection and existing events on the tracks remained at their original position per the expected behavior.

Screenshots of the bug are attached numbered in the order of reproduction of the steps with the resulting flaw

  1. Select and Copy region
    1_Audio before Copy Paste.png
  2. Move selected region to another position within audio clip
    2_Region Relocated.png
  3. Paste audio within region and the audio content to the right will shift out of time


You are right, this is a bug. Reported to Steinberg (CAN-17742).

Thank you