Copy/paste text with keyboard commands

Hi, I recently switched from PC to Mac. Using Cubase 12 on my Mac I noticed something strange, with the keyboard commands (command+C and command+P) I can’t copy parts of text in the application (for example copy the name of a track or part). To perform copy and paste operations I must necessarily use the contextual menu with the mouse. Is there any setting to overcome this?
Thank you .

Doesn’t Command+V work for pasting? Command+C is correct.


Yes, similar to Windows where Ctr+V is Paste, on Mac Cmd+V is Paste. All well known Ctrl+… are working as Cmd+… on Mac: Q, W, R, A, S, F, X, C, V…

Sorry I spelled it wrong, command +v to paste. But it doesn’t work on the text


What part of the text exactly do you mean, please? Could you give us an example, what exactly, did you try to copy and paste?

For example, if I want to copy the name of a track, or the numerical value of the beginning of a part… double clicking selects the text but if I try to copy with the keyboard the Mac makes the typical warning sound and it doesn’t work.
However, if I try to copy a part of the arrangement, or any event in the project, the keyboard command works


It works for me, here.

Could you try in the Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable preferences], please?

Same problem even starting in safe mode