Copy-paste time signature changes

When I make a selection of several bars of music, the time signature change I have among that does not get copied along with it. I know of the workaround of pre-inserting time signature changes, but I wonder if this has been able to be addressed yet. Thanks, all!

Use the System Track. It’s what it’s there for!

I too have been tripped up by the fact that using the system track selects a subtly different selection of items compared to other methods of selection. I guess it is akin to Sibelius’s old distinction between a passage selection and a system selection, but without the visual clues. (Except, of course, that the time signatures don’t light up, which you can notice only if you happen to have one on the screen at the time.)

Hey, I am having a similar issue here and wanted to comment and follow up what you mean by using the system track? I tried highlighting the music I want to copy with the mix meters, and I highlighted the system track (orange) and copied and pasted it, but the time signatures did not copy over.

Was a time signature explicitly in the selected range? It won’t pick up a prevailing time signature (i.e. intuit what the last time signature was and implicitly add a copy of it to your selection). For example, if you select bars 2-5 but the time signature was at the start of bar 1, it won’t be selected.

You can temporarily input a time signature at the start of the selection, or later once you’ve pasted the material (assuming you wanted to copy music along with the time signatures). Select More also works on time signatures.

I think I know what’s going on because it’s a frequent frustration for me. To copy and paste a passage with the time signatures, you have to copy everything on every staff.

After you highlight the measures in the System Track, you have to click the box at the very end of your selection to highlight all the contents of those measures. There is no way to copy only the contents of one staff along with the time signatures. You have to copy everything and then delete what you don’t want, or use a filter and make two copy-paste operations (which is a bit tedious).

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