Copy Paste using Alt Click doesn't work (anymore)

Hi, I was using Alt+Click to copy selected items to another staff. I do not know, when it stoped to work. If I click Alt, System track activates smaller grid and I am not able to paste. Does anybody have this issue? How can i solve it? I’m on Dorico Version unter macOS 13.2.1

Alt-click only works if you click in the stave, not above or below.

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ALT + Click has not stopped working for me.
Hope you can figure out what’s stymieing you.

Thats interesting. It works again:) I will try to understand why it is so unstable. I use this function for years. It just stoped working and began to work again…Hm…Thank you anyway for your quick replies😊

Janus, I understand now. A task was to replays existing music with a copied one and I was doing an Alt+Click on a note which was slightly over a fifth line…Thank you very much for your response