Copy & Paste

the explanation regarding copy & paste in Dorico is somewhat missing.
The only way I was able to use the R function without having the copied material cultured completely existing music was by adding like 30 bars for the 8 bars I wanted to R , than entering a new time signature ( shift+n & shift ) only then it worked. A simple copy & paste will not go even if I prepare the bars in advance & other issues, most likely because the bars I was trying to c&p had different time signatures in them…
A simple press on the R definitely didn’t do it…

I guess the way you would have done what you wanted in one go would have been using the system track to select everything — including time signatures, chords, etc…, copy and paste. R is not suited to this task, it’s a tool to repeat little groups of musical objects (although they can span over hundreds of bars, if no structural changes occur in those bars). Not saying your post is not useful. Just trying to help you find the most efficient workflow to complete that task :wink:

Thanks, it went very well with the system track :slight_smile:

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