Copy score layout options

I have a piece for choir and harp. I’d like to copy the layout options for the full score to make a version for choir and piano. There doesn’t seem to be a way to copy the exact layout (including custom staff sizes, text frames, hidden staves, etc.) The propagate part formatting seems to be what I want, but it is only for parts, not score layouts.

I put a lot of time into making the full score, and right now it seems like the fastest way to make a piano version would be to just save it as a new document. Is this correct? I hate that the two version would no longer be linked. Unless I’m missing something?

Wouldn’t duplicate the Layout be helpful?

I think the Duplicate Layout option would be your closest bet.

You might also considering removing the harp player and adding the piano piano when needed. Although I’m not sure if it will muck up your spacing.

If you don’t care how it sounds, you could even just change the name of the harp. Of course, with this option, I’m assuming the musical content is identical in harp and piano.

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Thanks! I see duplicate layout is new to 4.0, which I haven’t upgraded to yet. I’m hoping to keep spacing the same, as well as text frames on the same pages - would duplicate layout do that?

Yeah, every time I tried something like that it changed all the spacing, as well as other details like gliss shapes.

Thanks, I see this is new to 4.0 - I’ll check it out.

Yes, it will.